Advantages of Virtual Data Room to marketers

Nowadays having a secure environment for intercorporate interactions significantly affects business performance. This article will discuss the strengths of Electronic Data Room as a secure warehouse.

Virtual data room – a modern approach to secure document management

Sharing large volumes of files in a controlled and efficient manner, both internally and externally, requires specialized solutions. In addition to providing a convenient mechanism for exchanging and storing files, the company needs to provide full control over the movement and deletion of files, including understanding who, when, and how much access to certain files.

A protected corporate cloud-based virtual data room (VDR) allows company employees to safely exchange electronic documents of various sizes using various devices, including protection. A Virtual Room is a space for working with documents like Google. Drive or Yandex.Disk. You can load important documents into it and open different levels of access to them. It is a convenient alternative to a real room that allows you to securely exchange documents. This tool is used for mergers and acquisitions, auditing, and other projects where the most secure environment for the transfer of confidential information is important.

Traditionally, the term “Data Room” refers to the physical rooms that are used as storage locations for the documents required for a transaction and in which the M&A deals were carried out. A seller compiled all of the deal-relevant information and then invited the bidder teams to review this information. The seller not only organized the location and equipment but also budgeted the costs associated with inviting interested parties, who often came from all directions.

How does it work?

The algorithm of actions includes the following stages:

  • Request to add a counterparty to your personal account.
  • Coordination of a new counterparty by the security officer.
  • Sending a file of an existing user of the system to an agreed counterparty to the personal account.
  • During sending, the file is scanned according to the assigned policies: size, type, scan on external systems (for example, DLP), anti-virus scan.
  • Based on the policy, a verdict is issued: pass, block, or send for approval to the security officer.
  • The counterparty receives a notification by e-mail with a link to the file.
  • The counterparty can download the file to his personal account.

What are the benefits?

Using Data Room implies the following advantages:

  • Convenient and safe work with files of any format. VDR handles the most common formats comprising pdf, text and image files, tables, and presentations.
  • Work from any device. The adaptive interface allows you to work with documents from your phone or tablet, regardless of location.
  • There is no limit on the number of copies. VDR is capable of producing over 205 trillion unique copies per page.
  • Saving space. The system saves space by storing not the copies themselves, but only the transformation algorithms.
  • Data room security. In many cases, you will need a certified copy of the data room after a transaction has been concluded. An online Data Room offers the function of exporting all data including the folder structure (ZIP file) and saving it on a verified medium.
  • Access through a browser from any workplace. Web interface for working with the system, both for a cloud solution and for placement on the company’s server.
  • Technical support service. Support specialists have a thorough knowledge of the product and understand the specifics of its use from a business point of view.
  • Integration with other systems. Integration with DLP systems and anti-virus programs via ICAP protocol.


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