Android Guide: How to Clear Clipboard?

Modern smartphones and tablets in their functionality are almost as good as full-fledged computers. On Android devices, we can use almost all the applications and games, programs, and functions that the operating systems for desktop PCs and laptops usually offer. But the technical capabilities of mobile gadgets sometimes do not correspond to the tasks that the user poses in front of them. Among such problem is RAM overflow, which is one of the most widespread and can be noted with system slower work.

What is the clipboard?

The clipboard is an area of ​​RAM, a kind of repository of temporary files that we copy or transfer. For example, we need to move some files in Explorer or copy a piece of text from a book to a document. After clicking the “Copy” or “Cut” button, we save this file or fragment in the clipboard, after which it gets into the main memory. Frequent execution of such operations overwhelms this area of ​​memory, which negatively affects the speed of the tablet.

How to find this data?

As such, the file or folder in which the copied information is located does not exist. Only in some versions of Android for certain models of smartphones, there is a function to clear the clipboard. Therefore, if you notice that your commands on the tablet are running with a delay (which indicates an overflow of RAM), then the simplest solution is to reboot the device. If you regularly transfer and copy text or other data, thereby overflowing RAM, constant tablet reboots are not a solution to the problem.

How to clear clipboard?

There are two ways to clear memory without rebooting, and we’ll consider both of them:

  • using a special application;
  • using superuser privileges.

Clipper (or suchlike) app

There are many different applications that can help to resolve the regarded problem, but we’ll discuss only as an example. Clipper app is free and is located on Google Play and can be installed like any other Android program. In addition to cleaning itself, Clipper offers many other convenient features.

Its main window consists of two tabs. The first one contains the history of recently copied data (from here you can also clean it) and the second one you can fix the ones that you use constantly. You can create as many such tabs as you need for various types of data, and store in them, for example, the addresses of your pages, text templates, useful links – all that you need quick access to.

Manual clipboard cleaning

For cleaning the clipboard in this way, root privileges must be open on your device. Without them, you cannot go to the root directory of the system. There are two ways to use default features to clear the clipboard. The first of them will look like this:

  • Through the Explorer, go to the root directory of the Android system.
  • Find folder data.
  • Open and delete everything from the data/clipboard folder.

Or you can use another method:

  • Go to Settings – Applications – All.
  • Enter the TestService application, click the Stop and Clear data buttons.
  • Reboot a device.


For those who are actively using their mobile devices on Android, our tips on how to clear the clipboard will be useful. You can use one of the presented methods and stop on the most appropriate to your level of understanding and comfort. Nevertheless, we hope that this article opened to you some new information about the work of the Android clipboard.

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