Try NordVPN Free Trial for Your Mobile Protection

The issue of secure internet usage raised in recent times and one of the most convenient methods to achieve it is install VPN. Virtual Private Network usually uses a high level of encryption of the information that is transferred through the device. It makes receiving any essential data like logins, passwords, location, IP-address, etc. impossible for those who use reliable VPN.

In this battle for helping clients in their security needs, NordVPN is one of the most influential players. The company provided protection service since 2012 and developed to the status of the primary software. What is more, it presents VPN services not only to PC and Mac but also to mobile phones on diverse platforms. NordVPN free trial is available for mobile protection and allows evaluating its possibilities, so let’s make an express review of the company and its product.

  • Why NordVPN?

Many people wonder how simple NordVPN is in connecting and how to use it. Both the computer version and the mobile application allow you to select the desired country by plugging it in a couple of clicks. If you don’t know which server to use, you need to wait until the connection wizard appears on the monitor of your smartphone. The application itself will choose the optimal server.

  • Information Protection and Security

Information protection is almost at the maximum level. The service stores only user names, email addresses, and payment information. For comprehensive protection, you can pay Bitcoin, use an anonymous email service, double encryption, and Tor-through-VPN access. If security is critical to the user, you can use encryption protocols OpenVPN / IKEv2 / IPsec. Note that NordVPN does not allow unencrypted requests from DNS servers using the DNS address leak resolver.

In the settings of the NordVPN application, you can also include protection against CyberSec ads, viruses and hacking attacks, automatic activation when connected to Wi-Fi, and specify the most suitable server for automatic connection. What is more, those options are available for both computer and mobile versions.

  • Access speed, servers

Access speed is one of the essential characteristics of the service. Just say that it decreases with increasing distance to the company’s server (they are located in 57 countries). When connecting to a nearby server on a Wi-Fi network, there was a slight drop in speed in both channels (downstream, upstream). It is important to remember that the service does not, in any way, limit the traffic or bandwidth of the VPN network. So watching of 1080p YouTube videos even for a few hours in a row will not add any discomfort.

  • Smartphone usage and compatibility

If you download NordVPN on Android OS, you can connect to 1600 servers! Moreover, the service allows a simultaneous connection of 6 mobile devices at once. That is, the entire family can use a Virtual Private Network. A bit more effort requires an iPhone connection. Here the NordVPN installation involves manually configuring the L2TP or OpenVPN protocol, and not every smartphone owner has the technical knowledge. Therefore, the service has a chat that works in real-time. The specialist in communication will help the user to understand the settings.

  • NordVPN Free Trial

Instead of a conclusion, we’ll recommend using the safest option – free trial. The company presents 7-days of full-package options for all platforms. Knowing that people now prefer mobile gadgets more than laptops and PCs, such a period should be enough to make a justified final decision about the software.

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